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  1. Valentines day marked mine and my wife’s thirtieth anniversary. Lynda is stage four emphysema/COPD and now post covid. It’s hard being her caregiver knowing there is nothing I can do but pray when she is struck by these ongoing panic attacks. Late one night I was listening to a local Christian station, while praying for strength, and I was overcome by something I’d never heard before, your song “Diamond in the rough” It’s strange how God uses music, melodies, and the power of others in order to help us build upon our relationship with God, in order to give us more strength, encouragement, and new understanding for the days that lie ahead. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with so many others for so many years. We are blessed and strengthened by your love of words for our Lord. God Bless

    1. Dear Joe,
      Thank you for giving such loving care to your wife of 30 years. I’m so blessed that Diamond in the Rough somehow helped! It is such a wonder to me how the Lord uses music to bring comfort and strength. What a privilege to be part of that. Jesus, I pray for Joe and Lynda – please show them your tender care and constant watchfulness over them. Let the oil of gladness flow to and through them as they are faithful to walk with You in their journey.
      Love in Jesus
      Nancy Honeytree Miller

  2. I just recently lost my wife to cancer. I was privileged to be able to sing to her, and I held her hand as she went home. I’m just remembering all the great memories I have, and one was going to hear Honeytree with my wife and some friends. What a wonderful time of worship! Now as I consider the next stage of life, it’s been a comfort to be able to listen to some favorite music, some of which is yours. Thank you for posting some favorites on line.
    Greg Madjeski

    1. Dear Greg,
      What an honor to receive your comment. I honor the life and departure of your wife – what a privilege to be part of your happy memories and to know that the music still brings the peace of Christ. I also have experienced the loss of my husband due to heart failure in May 2018. I am walking in the grief process with the Lord. He is my shepherd as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. About three months after the death of my husband, J.R. Miller, I joined a local Grief Share group which has been a tremendous help. Also a series of books from Stephen Ministry was super helpful, called “Journeying Through Grief.” May the Lord Jesus help and strengthen you every step of the way!

  3. Hey Nancy,
    I just wanted to drop a line…over the years, your music has criss-crossed my life and it has always blessed me…from my days as an inner city missionary in Toronto at Evergreen in the late 70’s, through my music life touring and playing, and now in retirement as i sing to my grandkids! I can’t remember if you ever played Evergreen live, but your records sure did! You blessed many street kids in those days, perhaps without even knowing it. But nostalgia is not why I popped in… I just wanted to say…”Be blessed today!” both in and because of Jesus…

    rusty crozier

  4. Hi Nancy . Many years have passed since our first meeting in England . Loved your songs which were a great help to me . I am now widowed and lost my darling husband David a year and a half ago .my love and thoughts go out to you in your loss also . Your niece and her mom stayed with us in Scotland . Many blessings . Eva

    1. Dear Eva, I am sorry for your loss. I pray that you are experiencing the same faithful love and strength with which the Lord is caring for me! Thank you so much for your hospitality to my family! Tons of blessings to you
      Love in Jesus,
      Nancy Honeytree Miller

  5. This song has had a profound affect on my life… I have no idea why. Listening to it right now and I am still in tears. Wondering what is God trying to say to me… I know many of Dottie Rambo’s songs were composed in Heaven. Now I suspect that this was as well. Ok I subbed… Thank you Nancy!

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