Walk With Me, Honeytree’s new single

Walk With Me, Honeytree’s new single

Available now on YouTube and your favorite streaming platform – you can now enjoy Honeytree’s new single, “Walk With Me” and the Spanish version, “Acompañame.”

4 thoughts on “Walk With Me, Honeytree’s new single

  1. Hi Nancy,

    Your new song is so lovely and no doubt a source of comfort and healing to so many.
    I am uplifted and encouraged just hearing you again and knowing your work continues.
    Love from Susan and I, We will be sharing this song with a friend.


    PS We now live in Bethlehem, PA. Maybe you’ll be coming this way sometime? PSS We just went to see Jesus Revolution yesterday. Wow! made us think of you and all the Apple gang. What an amazing time!

    1. Dear Jerry and Susan,
      How wonderful to hear from you! I am so glad to have a new song that contains healing, praise the Lord! Thanks for your sweet comments and that you are sharing it with a friend. I love that. I hope to come your way – things are picking up again concert wise. I’m trying to share a post on my homepage that will let people know where I’m gonna be. Trying to get better at that anyway…
      Me too – I really enjoyed the Jesus Revolution movie! It’s so awesome to look back and realize that the same things happened in Fort Wayne simultaneously! What a tremendous privilege to be part of the Adam’s Apple days!
      Love in Jesus,
      Nancy Honeytree Miller

  2. I saw you in Columbia, SC while I was an Army Chaplain’s Assistant at Ft. Jackson in 75 or 76. I fell in love with your music and shared it with other soldiers and college students. What memories you bring back to me. Take me back, to the place where I first believed! Andre wrote. I miss the Jesus music of those days and try to share it with today’s generation, to enspire them to sing their own New Songs to the Lord. Thank you for a lifetime of service to the Lord.

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