Stay tuned for a brand new Honeytree song

Stay tuned for a brand new Honeytree song

Walk With Me, a brand new Honeytree song, is coming soon to all streaming and downloading platforms. Honeytree is very excited for you to hear this song which will soon be released in English, Spanish and an “unplugged” version.

“Walking through the grief process after losing J.R. is what shapes me and my music ministry today,” Nancy explains.  She works daily with an online grief recovery ministry in Spanish called Legado de Acompañamiento (the legacy of companionship,) and is the musical voice for the group. She wrote Walk With Me first in Spanish (Acompáñame) and it expresses that God is the one who heals grief, but we need to walk each other through the valley. It is the first song Honeytree was able to write since the death of her husband, J.R. Miller. She decided to release it as a single with the help of Grammy nominated producer Billy Smiley, pianist Gordon Mote, Percussionist Steve Hindalong, and guitar legend Phil Keaggy.  

“Phil played on my Evergreen project, so when Billy suggested bringing him back in I was so excited not only for the music part but because of such a dear friend coming alongside to hang out with Billy and I at Phil’s house, laugh, cherish old times, and seamlessly bring his craft to the music.”

So here you go, world – a brand new Honeytree song – coming soon,  ‘Walk With Me.”

5 thoughts on “Stay tuned for a brand new Honeytree song

  1. So glad that you are healing & working through your grief of losing your hubby with music. I lost my husband just over 1 year ago & I still can’t fathom it even though I know that he is with our beloved Jesus.
    Thank you for our hope of seeing our loved ones again Lord.
    I am excited to hear this new song of yours.

    1. Dear Lynette,
      You are still in the early stages of your grief journey over the loss of your husband. I pray that this new song will help a lot! It certainly is born of going through the grief process and experiencing the faithfulness of Jesus to walk us through the valley.
      Have you heard of Grief Share? I truly gained a lot through attending a Grief Share group. If you are curious about it you can visit and see what they have to offer. I recommend the free daily email message they send out for a year – very helpful. I attended a local Grief Share gathering in my area and learned so much about how to cope with all the changes and emotions.
      Another resource is a book called Take Courage! (Growing stronger after losing your spouse) by Linda Smith and Mary Beth Woll. I wrote a chapter in this book about singing and worshipping the Lord when I find myself at the bottom emotionally. It’s available on Amazon.
      Praying for you – Father God, in Jesus’ name, I pray for Lynette that she will feel the Savior near, walking with her through the valley of the shadow of death, and will receive all His beautiful healing and peace.
      Love in Jesus,
      Nancy Honeytree Miller

      1. Hi, Lynette, how are you doing? I just wanted to let you know that my new song, “Walk With Me” is available now. Go to YouTube and search for “Walk With Me” Honeytree.
        Love in Jesus,
        Nancy Honeytree Miller

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