“simply one of the BEST Christmas songs I have EVER heard!!” says Randy Stonehill

“simply one of the BEST Christmas songs I have EVER heard!!” says Randy Stonehill

“Stranger in the Manger” by Nancy Honeytree is a “spiritual breath of fresh air” says Jesus Music pioneer, Randy Stonehill. Don’t miss this new video premiering on Honeytree’s YouTube channel. You can also find it included as a bonus track in the album, “Merry Christmas, Love Honeytree” which is now available to download and stream.

Honeytree says, “This song was inspired by a sermon preached by my spiritual dad, Bishop Paul E Paino. He often spoke in very lyrical phrases and then he would pause and say, ‘Honeytree, write a song about that!’ And in this case, I did!”

3 thoughts on ““simply one of the BEST Christmas songs I have EVER heard!!” says Randy Stonehill

  1. Great song! Thanks for sharing this on your website so we can all enjoy it ! I will be sure to let my friends know ! I’m looking forward to seeing more!!

  2. I just want to say ‘Thank You’, for your music and the spirit with which you sing.
    I am a couple months shy of 80 years. After surviving Covid I found myself unusually weak. In September of 2021 I thought to test myself. One half of one push-up is all I could muster. So I decided that I would start doing push-ups three times a week. It did not sit well with me to be so feeble and weak. Slowly, the numbers began to increase. The mental, emotional challenge came to be my biggest hurdle. Thoughts like, ‘You can’t do this.’ or, ‘You’re too old’ or, ‘No one else your age does this.’ would come to mind. But I would try to ignore those thoughts and press on. Then I remembered an old CD I had of you singing Pioneer. I decided to play your CD while doing my thrice weekly regimen. I am a witness. There is energy in your music. ‘Pioneer’ energizes me the most. The other songs do too to differing degrees. A week ago I did 19 sets of 35 push-ups each for a total of 665 push-ups in a little over one hour. I really wasn’t all that tired at that point. I rejoice in the Lord and strengthen myself, and hereby acknowledge your ministry in anointed music to me. I plan on doing 800 push-ups on my 80th birthday in mid-July. I thank God for you.
    Thank you, Nancy Honeytree.

    1. Dear David,
      What an amazing testimony of the joy of the Lord being your strength! I’m glad Pioneer brings energy to you from Jesus! Amen brother – congratulations on your renewed health and strength!
      Love in Jesus,
      Nancy Honeytree Miller

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