In person events with Honeytree

Don’t miss 4 very special Sunday night worship events with Honeytree and Jean Watson. The Holy Spirit is touching hearts during these times of intense worship and fellowship with Jesus! Start time for each is 6 pm and the location is Calvary Christian Fellowship, in the Community Center, 233 W. Main Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana […]

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“simply one of the BEST Christmas songs I have EVER heard!!” says Randy Stonehill

“Stranger in the Manger” by Nancy Honeytree is a “spiritual breath of fresh air” says Jesus Music pioneer, Randy Stonehill. Don’t miss this new video premiering on Honeytree’s YouTube channel. You can also find it included as a bonus track in the album, “Merry Christmas, Love Honeytree” which is now available to download and stream. […]

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Pioneers Worship Arts Retreat

This was such a refreshing time for me – I’m so glad I got to participate with this bunch of radical Jesus-filled people! Now you can enjoy these highlights and if you want more, you can take part in the whole experience!  An online class is now available by going to 

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