First Love DVD & CD combo

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All of your favorite Jesus Music artists in a 2 DVD – 2 CD set.

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You’ve been asking for First Love DVDs and they’ve finally arrived!

All of your favorite artists and music now in high quality DVD and digital sound. Included in the 2 DVD set are two music CDs which include 39 songs for your enjoyment when you’re not watching the DVDs.

Also included is a 14 page booklet with updates on the artists and the incredible story behind the making of First Love by the producers, Dan Collins and Steve Greisen.
Four discs total, two DVDs and two music CDs.
All for the low price of $35.00.
NOTE: VHS format is no longer available.

Love Song: “Welcome Back,” “Two Hands”
Barry McGuire: “Happy Road,” “Seeds of Love”
Jamie Owens Collins: “The Victor,” “Seasons of the Soul”
2nd Chapter of Acts: “Easter Song,” “Which Way the Wind Blows”
Terry Clark: “Let’s Have a Good Time,” “Jesus Mighty Fortress”
Chuck Girard: “Sometimes Alleluia”
Annie Herring: “My Redeemer”
Keith Green Tribute: “There is a Redeemer”, “O Lord, You’re Beautiful,” “Born Again”

Randy Stonehill: “King of Hearts,” “Abandon Your Heart”
Darrell Mansfield: “Million Dollar Feeling,” “Stand By Me”
John Fischer: “All Day Song,” “Jesus Loves Even Me”
Randy Matthews: “Didn’t He,” “Ti Chapé”
Matthew Ward: “To The King”
Paul Clark: “Abide,” “Where Did I Fall Down?”
Honeytree: “Clean Before My Lord,” “Pioneer”
Andrae Crouch: “I Don’t Know Why,” “I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes,” “Bless His Holy Name”

FIRST LOVE examines the life and music of the people who birthed the sounds of the Jesus Movement. Not just a documentary of the times, but an exposé on the heart of ministry and music. These artists, with a new-found excitement and appetite to share the love of Jesus with their friends, sang anywhere, anytime for anyone. The call of God and inspired commitment to sing and play their music, using the prevailing sounds of their generation, encouraged thousands of young people to meet Jesus.

Top row: Andrae Crouch, Bob Wall, Tommy Coomes, Jay Truax,
Matthew Ward, Randy Stonehill, Randy Matthews, Barry McGuire, Darrell Mansfield
Left sofa: Terry Clark, Nelly Greisen (2nd Chapter), Annie Herring (2nd Chapter), Paul Clark
Center: Chuck Girard
Right sofa: John Fisher, Melody Green-Sievreit, Jamie Owens Collins, Nancy Honeytree
Front: Steve Greisen (Video producer), Dan Collins (Producer, Event Coordinator)

Each artist compellingly reveals their own discoveries and challenges through the past 30 years and gives us glimpses into their past and present music. These artists remind us of our commitment to Jesus and implore us to keep the faith through the difficulties of life, just as they have done. The video and CDs contains 30 songs, including best-loved songs from the 70’s and a new song from each artist.

First Love Artists’ Websites

· Love Song – Love Song Home Page · Chuck Girard – Chuck Girard Home Page · Jamie Owens Collins – · 2nd Chapter of Acts – 2nd Chapter of Acts · Terry Clark – Catalyst · Keith Green – Last Days Ministries · Randy Stonehill – Welcome To Paradise · John Fischer – The Fischtank · Matthew Ward – Matthew Ward · Paul Clark – Paul Clark Music · Honeytree – Honeytree


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