Pioneers Worship Arts Retreat

Pioneers Worship Arts Retreat

This was such a refreshing time for me – I’m so glad I got to participate with this bunch of radical Jesus-filled people! Now you can enjoy these highlights and if you want more, you can take part in the whole experience!  An online class is now available by going to 

2 thoughts on “Pioneers Worship Arts Retreat

  1. Nancy,

    Trying to find a DVD with a video of you singing ‘Pioneer’… It appears to be a very old version, in the video you are wearing a white turtleneck and several other Christian singers are there. I think it looks like Randy Stonehill and several others. One of them says: “Lets go home…” at the VERY end…. I first saw this back in the early 80’s or 90’s on TBN perhaps… I just stumbled across a low quality version on YouTube and EVERY time I listen to it I am in TEARS! I am not sure WHY… Do you know if there is a good quality version of this available somewhere? Can you tell us about this video, where it took place and who are the other singers there? Thanks so much from Rich in Oregon.

    1. Hi Rich, God Bless You! You are talking about the First Love DVD which was a retreat of quite a few Jesus Music Pioneers. It was an amazing privilege to sing Pioneer for them and have their reaction filmed – very powerful. I have the First Love DVD here in my web store.
      Love in Jesus,
      Nancy Honeytree Miller

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