New Honeytree “Scrapbook Series” Video

New Honeytree “Scrapbook Series” Video

Welcome to the Honeytree “Scrapbook Series” where I am bringing forward some of our favorite songs while opening up the scrapbook of photo memories. Thank the Lord for 51+ years of singing for Jesus!
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10 thoughts on “New Honeytree “Scrapbook Series” Video

  1. Greetings Nancy,

    This morning while reading Dutch Sheets GiveHim15, he referenced your “Pioneer” song and spoke on God calling us out of status quo and the need to press forward to blaze the trail for the Kingdom of God. So I just had to find you online and say hello.

    My Oh My it has been a very long time since we last spoke let alone sing together.
    Dutch shared your location, or rather your website so I clicked to it. So nice to see you and all your travels, you truly are a pioneer and remain blazing for the Kingdom of God.

    Still serving in the Tennessee General Assembly, we hold a monthly Bible event in our barn called the Awakening Group every third Saturday of the month. I would love to have you and JR come to see us and play for our folks this fall. Please give me a call and lets catch up.

    Terri Lynn Weaver

  2. Dear Nancy, just found your site after Dutch Sheets referenced your song Pioneer in his daily prayer devotional Give Him 15 this morn. 7/29/21. My wife Carol n I got to hear you live at an impromptu gathering you did in Sterling, Ks at Sterling Lake Park in 1977 after you had a concert at Stering College that day. We have many of your albums and now I listen to them on Spottify. I listen to ” I Am Your Servant” often. God’s still using it in me today at age 72. I’ll never forget that night at Sterling Lake. God Bless you. Thank you for all your faithful years of ministry,especially the one that touched our hearts.
    Oh, btw after your sharing about growing up at the Broadway Hotel, I’ve oftened wondered what years your parents played there ? My parents met in the ballroom while dancing there in 1944 . He was at Fort Carson b4 he shipped to England to fly B 24 bombers over Germany.And my mom was in Nursing school. Always wondered if your parents were playing there then. We have been there many times because of your influence. And even taken pic of my wife on the spiral staircase !! Thanks again.

    1. Dear Patrick and Carol, thank you for your sweet note. I Am A Servant is such a great song – what a privilege I have to be associated with that wonderful Larry Norman ballad. My mom was a waitress at the Broadmoor, not sure exactly the year. She did not play in the band there, but went on the road with a group called “Mary McGuire and Her Sub Debs”, which was a dance band. I’m not aware that they ever played the Broadmoor.
      Love in Jesus,
      Nancy Honeytree Miller

  3. Dear Nancy,
    After listening to Dutch Sheet’s post this morning, I watched your video of “pioneers“. I was truly blessed by this song. But I was even more surprised to see the young woman who is playing the violin for you. If I’m correct, her name is Annie. She used to play occasionally at Brownsville church during the Brownsville Revival. Can you verify whether this is her or not? I’ve always loved listening to her!
    Anne Moore

    1. Dear Anne, Thank you! I actually don’t know the young lady in the video who plays the violin. That part of the video was done by the videographer, Rebecca Friedlander. I believe she did the filming in Texas.
      Love in Jesus,
      Nancy Honeytree Miller

  4. Dear Nancy,
    Thank you for your quick reply! I pray the Lord continues to use you mightily for the kingdom of God!
    In Him,
    Anne Moore

  5. Hi Nancy. I messaged you in 2021 about how your music was helping me after my wife’s home going in February of 2021. It continues to help me. I know you have gone through the same thing. It hasn’t been an easy road, but I praise Jesus for Christian friends, my children who both love the Lord, and the Christ centered support group that I attend. Thank you again for your music which brings much joy as I continue to adjust to my life without my soul mate. In His name, Greg Madjeski.

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