My Fiddle Playin’ Mama – new “Scrapbook Series” Release

My Fiddle Playin’ Mama – new “Scrapbook Series” Release

My goal is to bring all the Honeytree recordings forward from the CD world to the current trend of downloading and streaming music. Praise God that many of my songs are available to a whole new generation of listeners! Along with that I am highlighting certain songs from each release with a bunch of fun photos from my family and years of singing for Jesus. My Fiddle Playin’ Mama is from Me and My Old Guitar.

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  1. I am of the older generation of when Honeytree was popular, and really loved her music, I am now 89.

  2. Thank you for your ministry of a lifetime. You were an encouragement to me in 1976 when I met you at RAF Mildenhall, England, attending your concert held on the Air Force base.

  3. Trying to find a CD with your song, “Be Ready When You Give Your Heart to God.” I had it on an old cassette tape that no longer plays. I just ordered three of your CD’s, but I don’t think this song is on them. I still have the Pioneer CD which love, but the two other albums I had were on tape. Trying to rebuild my collection! Love you and your love for our Lord!

    1. Please email me at and request the CD Single Heart, which has the song you are referring to called, “Heartbreaking Love.” Provide you land mail address and I will send the CD with an invoice. The cost is $15 plus $3 shipping. Tons of blessing to you!
      Love in Jesus,
      Nancy Honeytree Miller

      1. Thank you so much! I had the name of the song wrong, but you knew which one it was. One of my very favorites. I will order today. Thanks again, and Blessings and Hugs to you!

  4. Hello, Nancy!
    You are a blessing in so many ways. The Lord Jesus has reserved you for more new listeners, as I am disappointed many folks have no realization of your ministry. Looking forward to the breakthrough blessing to many as they have your music revealed to them. Heard you in the 1970’s in Des Moines at a First Federated Church youth event. God speaks to me through your music. Its blessed and powerful Thanks to Jesus! I listen often to your music.
    Two questions:
    1. Have you considered going on podcasts w Annie F Downs or Crazy Blessed w Hannah Keeley?
    2. Do you have a biography out? Wanting to learn more about where this road has taken you, especially the early years.

    1. Thank you so much, James! I don’t have a podcast or biography out as in a book, but there are some things available to learn more.
      Singer/songwriter, Nancy Honeytree is a pioneer in the field of contemporary Christian music. One of the few female solo artists to emerge from the Jesus Movement, Honeytree’s sensitive songs earned her the nickname, “First Lady of Jesus Music.” Her bossa nova style “Clean Before My Lord”, and the rocking “Rattle Me, Shake Me” became theme songs to Christians in the turbulent 70s.

      Four decades later, Honeytree has proved to be consistent and faithful in serving the Lord. Since 1983, she has been an ordained minister of the gospel, and has expanded her ministry from giving concerts, to teaching seminars and preaching, traveling with the message of Jesus to all the 50 United States and 22 other countries.

      Today, Honeytree is still on the cutting edge with the emphasis of her concert ministry shifting to missions. She continues to play a variety of unplugged folk and rock music, accompanying herself with classical guitar. Grateful to have been a part of the Christian growth of many who were converted during the Jesus Movement, Honeytree’s ministry stays “evergreen” as she challenges today’s pioneers of the faith to keep pressing onward to their own frontiers.

      Born, Nancy Henigbaum, in 1952 (Henigbaum is German for Honeytree) and raised with classical and folk music, Nancy Honeytree has played guitar since early childhood. Her guitar technique and style of songwriting reflect a refreshing variety of musical influences.
      Nancy was a quiet, thoughtful young person who battled with a sense of rejection from “straight” high school kids. She was drawn to the “hippie” kids and became involved in drug abuse during her high school years.

      In the spring of 1970, Nancy met some Jesus People, former hippies who had given their lives to Jesus Christ. Nancy became a born again Christian, and abandoned drugs in the pursuit of Jesus. She has continued to follow Christ since then, finding Him able to fill the empty places of the heart.

      After high school, Nancy, (or Honeytree, as many of her friends call her) went to work in the youth ministry called Adam’s Apple, a Jesus Movement coffeehouse of the 70s. During those years she began to write songs flowing from her personal relationship with Jesus. Nancy’s song “Clean Before My Lord” was recorded by Evie Tornquist Karlsson, and “Rattle Me, Shake Me,” by David Meece. Joni Eareckson Tada recorded a song called “Joni’s Waltz,” specially written for her by Nancy.

      Honeytree’s pastor encouraged her to make an album of her own songs in 1973, which, in 1974, was distributed worldwide by the Myrrh label of Word Music. She went on in the years following to record 14 more projects of original songs. She became a familiar voice on radio and in concerts in the U.S. and internationally.

      Today, Nancy’s listeners continue to identify deeply with her uniquely vulnerable lyrics and musical melodies.

      In the 80s, Nancy found herself dealing with passing her 30th birthday and still being single. Her struggles and triumphs related to this issue are reflected in two albums released during this period, “Single Heart” and “Every Single Day.” Honeytree is an effective speaker at singles conferences, challenging singe adults to embrace their completeness in Christ, and go all out on adventures with Him.

      The 90s brought more changes into Nancy’s life. In June 1990, at the age of 38, she married John Richard Miller (known as J.R.). J.R. is an ordained minister of the “tent maker” variety. He makes a living working with computers and designing databases. His vision is to use the computer business as a means of taking the gospel into restricted countries in the 10/40 Window.

      1993 marked the 20th anniversary of recording for Honeytree, which she celebrated by releasing the “Pioneer” CD. The song “Pioneer” brings real healing to those who are following the Lord through uncharted territory. Two other songs from this project are favorites in many worship services, “I See the Lord,” and “Up to Something Good.”

      In 1995 J.R. and Nancy experienced God’s ability to turn sorrow into something good when their baby boy, little J.R., died only two hours after birth. Two weeks before the birth, Nancy’s doctor told her about one of his patients who needed to place a child for adoption. Three months later, when little William came into the world, the adoption had already been arranged. Since Nancy had planned to nurse her child, she was able to breast feed the adopted baby. Nancy’s new CD, “Change You Made in Me,” includes a poignant song about the two boys, which is certain to be treasured by anyone who has experienced the loss of a child. Honeytree sings to son William, comparing his childhood in Indiana with that of his brother, little J.R., who is “Growing Up in Heaven.”

      Growing in Christ through the difficulties of life has tended to increase Honeytree’s confidence to adventure with Jesus. She learned to sing and speak in Spanish and released 2 Spanish CDs. She travels to Mexico and Central America, ministering in Spanish.

      Honeytree also regularly travels to Pakistan and Sri Lanka, where she has learned to sing in Urdu, Sinhalese and Tamil. She is discovering the power of connecting with people through music, the gospel, and local language. Her newest CD, “Call of the Harvest,” is available in English, Spanish, and Urdu (official language of Pakistan.) The title song is done in a dramatic Indian sound and stirs up believers to partner with Jesus in His Harvest fields.

      Honeytree’s passion is to keep pioneering until everyone hears the songs of Jesus in his own language.

  5. I so love this song and the joy it contains. I just can’t think of anything more fun than sharing your mom’s wonderful fiddle playing with a live audience. I wish I could have been there. I grew up with Bluegrass & Country music. How great to know a classical musician embraced this type of music. I love your little laugh at the end. I get the feeling this was a very sweet moment for the two of you. Please never stop making your music to glory Jesus. You’ve always had a very special place in my heart (and on my turntable). God bless you always, Nancy!

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