Honeytree’s favorite teaching, “Life Saving Rejections”

Honeytree’s favorite teaching, “Life Saving Rejections”

Nancy Honeytree

Teaching by Honeytree called Life Saving Rejections

When I was studying the topic of Rejection, I looked the word up in the dictionary and found that it came from a root word that means “to throw back”.  Immediately this brought a picture to mind of fishing with my dad when I was a little girl.  If my blue gill that I had caught was too small we would throw it back, so that’s what came to mind, the image of a little fish making an arc through the air, landing “sploosh” in the water and swimming away – unaware that it had just experienced a life saving rejection!  

We all experience rejections at various times in our lives, and it hurts so bad to lose relationships, possessions, or position that had given us a sense of self worth, identity and acceptance.  But God can use these painful losses to produce a true sense of who we are in Christ, and our security in the Father’s unconditional love.  Like the little fish of my childhood, we have the opportunity to cut through the surface, to go deep with the Lord and grow. 

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5 thoughts on “Honeytree’s favorite teaching, “Life Saving Rejections”

  1. Now I will have that Bluegill story in my mind the next time I experience rejection. I have met you twice, back in the late 70’s, early 80’s, from Lucy Elliot Schaub. We used to sing together in Ordinary people when we both lived in Fort Wayne. Your music holds a special place in my heart. I am thinking of you this week because a young man 15 years of age, that goes to my church, and I were having a discussion about heaven. He has Spina Bifida and can only walk using canes & braces. We talked of the belief in the perfection of our new immortal bodies that God will make for us. Of course it made me think of Joni’s Waltz that you wrote. The words still bring tears to my eyes, and it shows God’s anointing on you when you wrote it – as with so many other songs. I will share it with him so he can receive encouragement, too. So glad to see you still praising God in song and word. Bless You!!

  2. As I listen to Nancy’s incredibly clear voice on the “Every Single Day” CD, I’m pleased to discover this website on line and to read her insightful analogy of rejection. Beautiful!

  3. I was reintroduced to your music from a friend on Facebook. I listened to you in early days of my walk with the Lord. Listening again awoke much joyful memories and reminded of the simplicity of our faith, it is truly only JESUS . Though I know this and experience His loving companionship daily your songs washed a new freedom and joy. I then went to the website and was captured by the tile “lifesaving rejection”. I will ordering it as the blog so blessed my soul. God is truly continuing to pour out on your minister as His anointing is so apparent even as I write. Thank you for letting your light SHINE! drawing any and everyone to Jesus, love and prayers

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