Honeytree to be honored in Washington DC on September 30, 2022 as a Christian Woman of Distinction

Honeytree to be honored in Washington DC on September 30, 2022 as a Christian Woman of Distinction

Thanks to my friends Syd and Liz Doyle, who God called to be a light to the nations, and with whom I have shared the light of Jesus in the United Kingdom, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and all over Central and South America. Now they are lighting up the United States of America through She Leads. The Lord spoke to Liz’s heart to give a voice to Christian women in this country. It’s not about what party you belong to, but how in our lives of following Jesus, we have made an impact on people’s lives for good.

It is a huge honor to accept this Congressional award in Washington DC on September 30 along with other Christian Women of Distinction:

Elsa Prince Broekhuizen – champion of Christ-centered marriages and families.

Kathleen Cooke – using media to transform culture and rethink global media missions.

Libia Duran – leader in education of children, youth, and families.

Nancy “Honeytree” Miller – a global ambassador for Christian Music.

Dr. Madeline Manning Mims OLY – gold and silver Olympic medalist and founder of United States Council for Sports Chaplaincy.

Dr. Carol Swain – political scientist, former professor at Princeton and Vanderbilt Universities, speaker, author, entrepreneur.

Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome, Baton Rouge, Louisiana – first female mayor of Baton Rouge, advocate for families and LIFE.

Honorees unable to join us in person – Governor Kristi Noem, Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears, Attorney General Lynn Fitch Mississippi.

All glory to Jesus our Lord! Through serving Him we light up the nation and the world!

Events of September 30, 2022:

Appreciation Breakfast for Women on the Hill

VIP Tour of the Museum of the Bible

Gala Honoring Banquet at the Museum of the Bible

Event of October 1, 2022

Commissioning service in front of the Supreme Court

36 thoughts on “Honeytree to be honored in Washington DC on September 30, 2022 as a Christian Woman of Distinction

  1. I went to the Adam’s Apple when I was in High School. 1970-1973. God used you in a mighty way in my life. Your music drew me in and the teaching was just what I needed. I still have your album. Your song, “Clean Before The Lord I Stand”, ministered to me deeply. 50 years later, a wonderful marriage, four children and 9 grandchildren, I am still in love with Jesus. Thank you for your faithfulness to a lost and lonely generation.💙 Sally

  2. Congratulations, and may God richly bless you! You truly are an ambassador for Christ. We met at Adam’s Apple, Calvary Temple, The Cupbearer, and at a church celebration in Ligonier, IN. Those are the times that really stick in our memory. We are first hand witnesses of your service in song, and testimony. We continue to listen to your music, often. Thank you!

  3. Nancy’s music does not lead the believer to praise HER, but the LORD she sings about. He has given her much talent to help us be encouraged to follower the Lord closer. Always a blessing to hear her. Thank you Jesus for blessing her!

  4. Praise God for gifting you with special talents and abilities and allowing His light to shine through you via your willing heart of service. 😍

  5. This is wonderful. I’m not the least bit surprised. I’ve always known you as a godly woman of distinction. Blessings Sis!

  6. So grateful for this honor to you Nancy; a true PIONEER in the Christian music world! God has you to blaze a path for so many including our family!!! Blessings on you! God is GREAT AND GOOD!

  7. The honor being bestowed upon Nancy is so deserved. She has spoken into my life as a worship leader over the years. I always left our conversations feeling loved, but especially so much wiser. Thank you Nancy for always being authentic and constantly pointing those around you towards Christ. You are a blessing to many and I pray those same blessings over you. Thanks!

  8. What a blessing. Thank you for your heart that pants after our Savior. Your music touchs hearts and draws them to Jesus. Keep serving our Lord.

  9. Congratulations Nancy. You have been a wonderful influence on many of us throughout the years and we feel blessed to call you a friend. The Word says to give honor to who honor is due and that’s what the Lord is doing for you because of your humble heart. We are so proud of you.

  10. Nancy,
    I first heard of you when I was a college student and found your album in a christian bookstore. It was one of my first christian music albums. I loved your music and admired your ministry for years. Never dreamed that I’d get opportunity to meet you thru MTS singles conferences and be able to serve in short term missions teams with you at Nysum. I’m so happy that you are being honored in this way and you are so deserving of this award. God bless you from Massachusetts!

  11. My brother is smiling down with his harmonica at the ready to support you! Congratulations and God bless!❤️

  12. Many years ago your song “Be Ready When You Give Your Heart to God…” was opening my awareness of just how present God would be with me through my journey of faith. My heart was broken God called me to ministry. I have carried this song in my heart to remind me to say ‘Yes, Lord’. Our God gifted you with power. We have been blessed by your mighty and gentle words of song. Rev. Sherry Elliott

  13. Nancy,
    What a great honor for you. Rich (JR) would have been so proud. I can hear him now singing the Lord’s praises for you and your ministry. Blessings, Pat & Rob

  14. I pray you arrive safely if driving your Hummer Bummer Bashmobile! Whenever I see you, I see God looking out. Bless your ministry.

  15. To see God lead and strengthen you, Nancy, for every season of your life and calling is inspiring. Even decades later, we see God still making connections where healing, hope and faith were planted through your heart and music long ago.

    Tears filled my eyes as I heard one of your most recently released songs. And wow! To see God opening doors for more seasons of ministry in your life is powerful.

    God IS up to something good! Thank you for pointing us to Jesus and showing us His glory through your life! We honor your life and legacy.

    Much love to you friend!

  16. So very happy that you were honored in this way! I have been thinking of you so much lately, about what a huge impact your beautiful music has had on my life ever since I was in college in the 70’s. ( I missed my sister’s high school graduation to go see you in concert in Austin, TX back in 1978!) I have shared many of your wonderful songs as I’ve done special music at various churches and on the mission field over a lifetime of ministry with my husband—I especially have loved I Am A Servant, Dove, and Sometimes. Thank you, thank you, and God continue to bless and use you. Jenny

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