Valentine Dinner fun in Michigan

What a great way to celebrate Valentines Day –JR and Nancy at Valentine Dinner Faith Church Melvindale MI singing with my husband, J.R. Miller, in Melvindale, Michigan at Faith Church.  This is one of our favorite places to minister. We shared a delicious dinner with good friends and then had the privilege of sharing some fun songs.  We are pictured here singing “Up to Something Good”.  I sang my “Worth Waiting For” song that I wrote when J.R. and I got married (I was 38 and he was 42, so we had 80 years of singleness between us!)

It was great to see Brenda and Brad Smart wBrad and Brenda Smart with Honeytree and JR at Melvindale MIho are friends from all the way back to Adam’s Apple days in the 70s.  

Special thanks to Pastor Frank and Peggy Julian, pictured right behind JR in this photo, for inviting us to Faith Church.  They requested my wedding song, “Treasures” which had been sung at their wedding!  When I sang it they got up and danced, much to the delight of the rest of us!  You guys are a blast!  Pastor Frank Peggy JR Nancy John Naomi at Melvindale MI

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