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Known as the First Lady of Jesus Music, Honeytree is a pioneer in this musical genre that arose out of the Jesus Revolution of the 1970s. Her concerts are fun and profoundly moving, as she combines stories and classics from the Jesus Movement days with new songs she is writing – refreshing, vulnerable, encouraging.

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Honeytree’s mission to share the love of Jesus expresses itself in 3 main ways:

1 – Singing for the Lord in concerts and services, creating tools for ministry to share everything the Lord has taught her such as recordings, videos, blogs, books, and podcasts.

2 – Cross cultural singing – writing and recording songs in Spanish plus being the musical voice of a Spanish online grief recovery ministry called Legado de Acompañamiento, which offers companioning in the Spanish language of people with significant losses and dealing with the grief process. She also sings and records in the Urdu language of Pakistan.

3 – Worship leading – Honeytree has always been part of her local church throughout her years as a Jesus Person. Any Sunday she is not traveling in ministry, she can be found leading worship in the house of the Lord.


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