Enjoy the Honeytree & Greg Hough concert video

Enjoy the Honeytree & Greg Hough concert video

We had a super time sharing songs with the audience in Indianapolis on April 30, 2022. Tons of thanks to Rob Pugh who organized the event and who first had the idea for me and Greg to play together.  And thanks to the Camby Community Church who so generously hosted the concert. Praise the Lord!

4 thoughts on “Enjoy the Honeytree & Greg Hough concert video

  1. Honeytree. Haven’t heard any of your music in a long time and you were and are one of my all time favorites. I became a Christian in 1975 and you were one of the first Contempary Christian Singers I ever listened to. I still have several old record albums from back then. I had heard you had family living in the next town over from where I lived (Waynesville/Sylva NC) and so hoped I would hear of you doing a concert nearby so I could see you in person but alas I never found out if you did (that was before computers of course). Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice throughout the years to share the Lord for young and old alike.

  2. Nancy, what a thrill to hear and see you and Greg playing together. You both were so instrumental in my growth as a baby Christian. Greg was my right hand lifeguard at Camp Calvary and he was leading a home bible study in Angola I think. I was a horrible beginning guitar player back then but he would let Ann and me lead worship and afterwards we’d jam and he’d show me a few lead licks. My experiences at the Adam’s Apple, listening to you and Petra and John Lloyd was so instrumental in ushering me into worship. And so for 50 years now I’ve been leading worship in so many different contexts. I came to Jesus in August of 1972 and my experiences at Calvary Temple and the Adam’s Apple planted the seed of His Word deep into my heart that has helped me stay the course through the ups, downs, sorrows and joys of life. Thank you to both you and Greg for the parts you played in my early growth as a Christian.

    1. Hey, Tom – thank you so much! Tons of blessings to you. Our Jesus is always worthy of worship and isn’t it wonderful that He gave us music to worship Him with that is such a blast?!
      Love in Jesus,
      Nancy Honeytree Miller

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