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Nancy Honeytree Miller celebrates serving the Lord in music ministry since 1970, when she was a hippie high school kid who gave her heart to the Lord during the Jesus Movement! As one of the few female solo artists of Jesus Music, she is recognized for her fine guitar playing and song writing. Honeytree’s songs and career never seem to age. Even now, decades after any one of them was first recorded, fans of Honeytree can pull one out, listen to it and feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit still resting upon it.

Whether it’s Pioneer, Clean Before My Lord, Father Lift Me Up, Rattle Me Shake Me, Lovely Jesus, or Searchlight – Honeytree’s albums are filled with lyrics and melodies that have both lifted and moved people’s spirits. The songs remain as fresh and anointed as the early days when she was called the “First Lady of Jesus Music.”

Fellow Jesus Music pioneer Randy Stonehill says of Honeytree’s voice, “All the life you’ve lived, all the dues you’ve paid, and all the faith you cling to, comes out when you open your mouth.Her first 7 albums were distributed worldwide by Word Records.  She has released a total of 14 CDs.

Nancy was known simply as “Honeytree” during the 70s and traveled to all 50 of the United States singing for thousands of English-speaking young people. During the 80s she continued recording as Nancy Honeytree, concentrating on ministry to single adults. She has also sung in 37 countries.

In 1990, Nancy married J.R. Miller. Inspired by his love for missionaries, she began singing her songs in Spanish.  She learned to speak Spanish and has recorded 2 Spanish CDs. For her “Call of the Harvest” CD, Nancy was also privileged to record the songs in the Urdu language of Pakistan.

Nancy’s husband of 28 years, J.R. Miller, went to be with the Lord in May 2018. Walking in the grief process after losing J.R. is what shapes Nancy and her music ministry today. She works daily with an online grief recovery ministry in Spanish called Legado de Acompañamiento (the legacy of companionship,) and is the musical voice for the group.

Honeytree’s new single, Walk with Me, expresses that God is the one who heals grief, but we need to walk each other through the valley. She first wrote the Spanish version, Acompáñame, and then translated it to English. It is the first song Honeytree was able to write since the death of her husband, and she decided to release it with the help of Grammy nominated producer Billy Smiley, pianist Gordon Mote, Percussionist Steve Hindalong, and guitar legend Phil Keaggy. The song is available on YouTube and all streaming platforms.

Nancy lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana, close to her son Will and his children, where she enjoys being a grandma and leading worship in a local congregation whenever she can be at home.


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