My Fiddle Playin’ Mama – new “Scrapbook Series” Release

My Fiddle Playin’ Mama – new “Scrapbook Series” Release

My goal is to bring all the Honeytree recordings forward from the CD world to the current trend of downloading and streaming music. Praise God that many of my songs are available to a whole new generation of listeners! Along with that I am highlighting certain songs from each release with a bunch of fun photos from my family and years of singing for Jesus. My Fiddle Playin’ Mama is from Me and My Old Guitar.

New Honeytree “Scrapbook Series” Video

Welcome to the Honeytree “Scrapbook Series” where I am bringing forward some of our favorite songs while opening up the scrapbook of photo memories. Thank the Lord for 51+ years of singing for Jesus!
If you listen in YouTube you can like and subscribe to my channel which helps get the music out to new listeners. The whole album, Me and My Old Guitar, is also available to stream and download. 


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